Total Funeral, Electric Funeral (2014)


Swedish eco-political mayhem. Electric Funeral is a one-man assault on the front line of a WTO protest with a molotov cocktail strapped to his person and is standing a bit close to a bonfire of rubber tires. The electricity is so thick in the 53 tracks(!) that it’s almost impossible to distinguish one track from another. Where one instrument ends and another begins.

For a Halloween reference,…

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The Infested Ingested EP, The Infested Ingested (2014)


From the bandcamp site:

“The Infested Ingested EP is death metal EP done by local solo artist Infested Ingested. 5 songs and a demo. PLEASE NOTE THIS EP WAS CREATED AS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE! THESE ARE THE FIRST SONGS I HAVE EVER MADE, THIS IS THE FIRST EP I HAVE EVER MADE! with that being said, maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks,”

Nah, thank you for releasing what might be my favorite…

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Scott O)))


Today was the official release announcement of September 23 for the collaboration between Scott Walker and SunnO))).  The new album will be called Soused and released by Walker’s label 4AD. According to Pitchfork (my investigation runs deep y’all) SunnO))) actually propositioned Scott first for the Monoliths & Dimensions2009 album. That would have been a good addition to an already good album…

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Somnus EP, Somnus (2014)

Somnus EP, Somnus (2014)


Atmospheric doomy sludge metal from Costa Rica? Yeah, I don’t run across that too often.

Somnusare a two man basic and primitive band. They’re just on the cusp of understanding how to put a song together and getting use to their recording equipment. And honestly that is how I think it should stay. You can’t manufacture this kind of macabre ambiance. Somewhere between the barbarianism of the…

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Iomante, Atochi (2014)


Borbetomagus comes to mind, same with Naked City (at their most aggressive), when listening to Iomante by Atochi. Throw everything at your earbuds until they explode.

Iomantesounds like a live recording capture but there is no indication of that in the information given. I’m not even sure if these guys are actually from Japan or if they are simply uisng Japanese words to give the illusion of an…

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Cursed To See the Future, Mortals (2014)

Cursed To See the Future, Mortals (2014)


I’ve had a hard time with this album. I’ve sat with it for a couple of weeks now. My initial reaction was disappointment, which frustrated me because I was so looking forward to this release even though I already knew I may have some problems with the album with the leaked track that the band put out a month or two back. I just felt I had heard it all before while their previous releases were…

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Chamber Secrets, Fecal Worm (2014)

Chamber Secrets, Fecal Worm (2014)


Similar to Texas, there is just something weird in that Canadian water (Absu and Voivod respectively, need I say more? Yeah, probably so to back up my point). Maybe there is something to wide open spaces that lets the mind wonder and open up.

Fecal Worm is not wholly unique but is from Canada.

Chamber Secretsreview: Programmed drums, weirdly compressed vocals, savage riffs. Eight tracks. Free…

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S/T 7”, Bowl Ethereal (2014)

S/T 7”, Bowl Ethereal (2014)


I don’t think I will ever get into mathcore or technically challenging music. It can be inspiring to hear but usually results in boredom after repeated listens. There are always exceptions to the rule (and my examples will be coming from other genres of music). Glenn Gould, the classical pianist, turned Bach into somehting that was actually engaging to listen to. There was an attack in his…

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