…Skulls and Goats, Raw Steak (2014)

…Skulls and Goats, Raw Steak (2014)


Sometimes it’s just about the experience. Unexplainable, more of a feeling.

“More than a feelin’, more then a feelin’, to hear those old songs play….”

No, not that type of feeling. It’s a strange and weird feeling. It’s a haunting from a sound that you’ve haven’t heard before. There’s the grittiness that you’ve always responded to and a catchiness to foreign melodies blasting cryptic song…

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Babymetal, Babymetal (2014)


Babymetalhas been making the rounds on the interweb for about a year now with their crazy hybrid of J-pop and metal. Of course, the real surprise when you see one of their videos is that the group are just three japanese girls, two of them looking just over ten and the singer is probably in her (very) early teens. It’s taking the brony culture and hyperboling it to the next level.  That doesn’t…

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I Want My Vtv

I Want My Vtv


Back when television mattered, Headbangers Ball was the place you were at on a Saturday night when you had no car. Whether it was Adam Curry or Riki Rachtman, you watched Headbangers to find out what was new in metal, not the hair stylings of the host.

There is a part of me that misses the music video. Bridging music with a visual aesthetic was pretty brilliant. It was passive enough to keep…

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Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands


Surprise, surprise! I’m not always listening to goregrind or death metal (I sincerely hope you haven’t either). I’ve been listening nonstop to the 1968 masterpiece The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands by, yeah, you guessed it, The Turtles. A brilliant album that gave us the hit singles “Elenore” and “You Showed Me”, but trust me, all of these songs are exemplary pop songs. If you…

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Live at Blastonbury 2007, Anal Cunt

Live at Blastonbury 2007, Anal Cunt


Anal Cunt is gay.

Hopefully the Oregon teen Nazi’s don’t come to Vomit headquarters to seek revenge on me for saying that. We are just talking about words here, right?

Bullying is a complicated subject. It’s not enough for the older generation to say that they were bullied when they were in school and called names because it was much more localized. Now with the internet, reputations can be…

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